The NSTG is run entirely by unpaid volunteers who are looking to provide the widest range of support to the members.  Having a strong leadership team is key to the group thriving and growing, so new members joining that team is key.

We are also run as a charity and our aim in our constitution is:

To promote agriculture for the public benefit and to such end generally to improve it in all its branches and to encourage skill and industry in all its trades, crafts and professions connected with it.

So that is what what we do and to achieve that, as well as running courses, we also provide resources, discounts and the magazine.  To keep the whole thing running we need to be able to communicate in a whole range of forms with both our members and the wider public, keep our books balanced and recruit new members!

Being a committee member is an interesting and rewarding role and often teaches us new skills as well as giving us the opportunity to get in contact with other members of the group.

This page will tell you a little about what we currently do and if you are interested in helping, either with how we do things at the moment or with something new, get in touch.  You can contact any of the current committee (Committee - Details) and they will be happy to chat to you.

Overview of committee Activities:


The committee meets around every two months and usually in a pub in a ‘central’ location with refreshments provided and these are quite informal. The meetings are open to any member to attend. In addition there are occasional trustee only meetings, held only when needed, to discuss particular issues in more depth.  Meetings are advertised in HT and on this website.

Committee members have particular roles or responsibilities but we support each other where possible to carry those out.  As we like to minimize the number of, and time spent in, meetings we communicate quite a bit by email between meetings were views or decisions can be shared or made without too much discussion.