Welcome to the NSTG


The Norfolk Smallholders Training Group was set up by, and for, like minded people interested in any and all aspects of smallholding such as sustainable living, crafts, fruit and vegetable growing and animal husbandry on a small scale.

Our members vary from people with a small veg plot in the back yard to smallholders and small farmers who market their produce and make their own hay.  

We have over 300 members spread across the Norfolk region and also have links to neighbouring counties such as Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.  Our subscription fee covers your whole hshow ring 2017ousehold.

We run a varied diary of training and social events over the year and those are at a discounted rate for our members.

If you would like to join the NSTG or require further information go to Membership

The NSTG has been a registered charity since 2004, our Charity Number is 1106934



If you haven't received your HT but have had a card from the Post Office saying that you have an item to collect that requires you to pay a fee then please do not go and collect it. 

Instead please be patient as the company that prints HT is sending out new copies this week to all members except those that we know have either received a copy or paid the Post Office penalty fee. 

If you have paid to collect your HT then let me have your contact and bank details and I will refund your postage just as soon as I can. Please accept my apologies for this; it appears that our printer has been sold a batch of counterfeit stamps. Ed  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.