A list of upcoming courses is given below.  Scroll down for further details of each course. 

Note: We often add to our courses so do revisit this page or join our Facebook group for updates.

Tapestry Weaving
28 September
Dispatch and Dress a Chicken 12 October
Stock Fencing 19 October
Rug Making 26 October
Introduction to Sheep Husbandry 9 November
Basic Business Planning 10 November
Introduction to Spinning 25 January
Home Beer Brewing 8 February
Pest Control 8 March
Hatching & Rearing of Poultry 21 March
Dispatch and Dress and Chicken 3 October

Courses from January 1st 2020 are open to NSTG members only.

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The following is a printed version of our 2019 courses and events


The following is a printed version of our 2019 courses (this will be added to over the year)

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Tapestry Weaving

Learn the basic techniques experimenting with a variety of materials putting a modern twist on a traditional craft.  All equipment provided.  No previous knowledge of weaving required.  Equipment available for purchase at 25% discount at the end of the day.

Cost £25 non members £45

Location Aldeby NR34 0BY

Date 28 September

Time 10 - 3.30

Tutor Anna Holzen-Mountfield


Dispatch and Dress a Chicken

Prepare a chicken for the table.  Bring a sharp familiar kitchen knife.  Speak to Sally about bringing your own bird.

Cost £30 non members £50

Location Little Barningham

Date 12 October

Time 10.30 - 3

Tutor Sally Feistner


Stock Fencing

Introduction to fencing for livestock, no previous experience needed.  Design and build for livestock including gates, electric fencing etc.  All equipment provided but please bring gloves.

Cost £20 non members £40

Location Bergh Apton

Date 19 October

Time 10:30 - 3pm

Tutors Ben Holloway and Steve Whitby


Rug Making

An introductory course with the opportunity to try using a peg loom and do some plaiting and hooking (not with wool).  There will be an opportunity to buy materials and tools.

Cost £25 non members £45

Location Diss IP22 2AW

Date 26 October

Time 11 - 3

Tutor Jan Scott


Introduction to Sheep Husbandry

A practical course covering basic handling and routines.

Cost £25 non members £45

Location Little Dunham PE32 2DG

Date 9 November

Time 10.30 - 3

Tutor Jason Shorten


Basic Business Planning

Want to make money from your produce or services - from selling at the gate to a larger enterprise?  This introductory workshop will explore the aspects of developing a very simple business plan and encourage you to think through your ideas or assess your current business.

Cost £40 non members £20

Location Bawburgh

Date 10 November

Time 10:30 - 1pm

Tutor Sarah Kirkpatrick


Introduction to Spinning

Introduction to preparing fleece, carding, making rolags and spinning the wool.  All materials provided.

Cost £25

Location Little Dunham PE32 2DG

Date 25 January 2020

Time 10 - 3.30

Tutor Tracy Richards


Home Beer Brewing

Basics of making homebrew and making beer from scratch.  Main aim is to go through the full mash or all grain process.  We will be mashing malted barley, sparging, boiling the wort, chilling it and putting it into a fermenter.  Also barrelling the beer using a previous brew.  Explaining the equipment used and the costs involved.

Cost £25

Location Little Dunham PE32 2DG

Date 8 February

Time 10 - 4

Tutor Paul Richards


Pest Control

An introduction to managing pests in a farm environment.  The course includes both theory and practice.

Cost £25

Location Bergh Apton

Date 8 March

Time 10 - 2

Tutor Andrew Dellbridge


Hatching and Rearing of Poultry

Includes eff health, incubator and broody hen, hatching process, equipment, sexing chicks and feeding.

Cost £25

Location Little Barningham

Date 21 March

Time 10 - 1

Tutor Sally Feistner



Dispatch and Dress a Chicken

Includes dispatching a chicken correctly and humanely, plucking a chicken, evisceration and preparation for the oven

Cost £25

Location Little Barningham

Date 3 October

Time 10 - 3

Tutor Sally Feistner